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  • Can I get started in the kitchen right away?
    It depends! If you are starting up a new food business you first need to obtain a health permit from the Southern Nevada Health District before you can produce food for public consumption. This process usually takes about a month to a month and a half to complete, and you cannot work in the kitchen before that is in place. Read more about this process in the "Health Department" FAQ section. If you are an existing business looking to transfer from another kitchen, then you could potentially get started with us within a week or two. It all depends on how quickly you can work with a HD representative to get the licensing switched to our name and address. Every situation is different, but usually there is about a one month waiting period between signing a contract with us and actually getting in the kitchen.
  • What do you need from me to get started in the kitchen?
    1.An in-person tour. We need to make sure the space works for you before we move forward! We offer group tours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Reserve a spot via the website and we will walk you through the facility and answer any questions you have. 2. If you decide to sign with us, then we require a non-refunable $75 processing fee. This pays for the time and effort it takes to walk you through the HD process and get all paperwork in order. 3. SNHD Food Handler Safety Training Cards for anyone who will be working in the kitchen. Read more here. 4. A city or state business license that proves you are a legitimate business. Read more about North Las Vegas business licensing here and more about Nevada State licensing here (FAQ) and here (apply). 5. A SNHD food permit.Read more here and read the FAQ's listed in the "Health Department" category. 6. Business Liability Insurance with VIDA KITCHENS LLC named as additional insured. You can bundle with insurance you already have, check out FLIP online, or Advance insurance a local insurance company if you want to keep things local and support a small family owned busisness.
  • What kind of insurance do I need to work in the kitchen?
    You need to have General Liability Insurance in order to work in the kitchen. We do not have policy minimums. VIDA KITCHENS LLC must be named as "Additional Insured" or as the "Certificate Holder" of whatever policy you choose. There are several options when choosing the right isurance for you. You can try bundling with a provider that you already have (if possible), use FLIP, or work with the same local insurance brokerage that we do - Advance Insurance. Fill out the form here and email it to them for a quick quote. As a small business, we like to support other local businesses and encourage you to keep it local whenever possible! :)
  • What are the steps of the HD permitting process?
    1. Obtain a signed contract, floor plans, and equipment list from us. We will take a digital copy of the signed contract to keep on file and send you home with the original, along with the other documents you need. If you will using equipment that is not listed on our equipment list you will need to provide pictures and spec sheets of that equipment to the SNHD. 2. Make an appointment with the SNHD for a Plan Review by calling (702) 759-1258. These appointments are usually scheduled for 2-4 weeks after you call. In simple terms, this Plan Review is where you go to the HD office and present what your plans are for starting a food business. They will send you the appropriate paperwork to fill out via email. You will need to return the completed application, your signed Vida Kitchens contract, the floor plan, and equipment list to the HD before they will confirm an appointmetn for you. Once you get all 4 of these items turned in, I recommend reaching out to the HD and letting them know so you can get through the process a little faster. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! You will need to provide pictures and spec sheets of any specialty equipment you are planning on using (i.e. equipment we do not provide, like a commmercial food processor/microwave/etc) to this meeting. All equipment MUST be NSF approved and commercial grade or the HD will NOT approve it. You also need to be prepared to pay the Plan Review fee (~$250) and your permit fee ($211-$800) at this time. Keep in mind that you will also be asked basic food safety questions during this meeting, so brush up on your knowledge if you're a little rusty! The HD needs to know that you can confidently keep the public safe, so know the answers to questions like the correct handwashing water temperature, the internal temperatures needed for meats, the correct stages of cooling, and the signs of needing to send an employee home. If you do not know these answers you may fail your Plan Review and be required to schedule a separate Food Safety Meeting, costing you money and time. Be prepared and you won't have any problems! 5. After your Plan Review, you will schedule a Final Inspection with the HD Inspector over our area. This takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks after your Plan Review. The inspector will meet you here at Vida Kitchens and ask you what spaces and equipment you will be using. You DO NOT prepare any food during this inspection. The inspector will also test our water temps, chemical levels, and observe the general cleanliness of the facility. They will also ask you more food safety questions. Please notify us when you schedule this appointment as soon as possible so we can arrange a time to get you your key fob(s) and make sure your assigned storage is ready if you chose any storage options. We do recommend arriving at the kitchen early before this final inspection so you can familiarize yourself with the kitchen and set up anything you might need to set up. After your final inspection you will recieve an email saying that you are approved to stock and operate, which means you have the green light to get started in the kitchen! A few days later you should get an email from the SNHD with a link to print your permit. Please bring this in to us so we can make a copy and put you up on our wall of fame! 6. Within 30 - 60 days after your Site Inspection, you will have a Letter Grade Inspection. Typically, this is where a HD inspector stops by unannounced and ensures that you are following all safety rules to keep your food safe. However, since our kitchen schedule looks different every day, sometimes the inspector will schedule your inspection day. 7. Keep in mind that the SNHD runs on a fiscal year of June-July, which means all permits, regardless of when you get them, expire on June 30th of each year. They do not prorate these fees.
  • What kind of HD permit do I need?
    It all depends on your operation and business plans! Please confirm with the HD that you are applying for the correct permit before your plan review to avoid any fees. A list of all the different permits and their associated fees can be found here. Pages 1- 2 should cover most food establishments. Ensure that the permitting you are aquiring will allow you to do all the events that you have planned (i.e. Farmer's Market permits do not let you do specialty events, whereas an Annual Itinerant allows you to do both, etc.). Do your research on and ask them for any clarification if you need it. We can guide you in the right direction, but in the end it is up to you to do the due dilligence necessary for your business.
  • I have a Food Handler Safety Training Card from another state! Do I need a new one?
    Yes - even if your old one is not expired. The whole process should take only an hour or so (if you pass) and only costs about $20. There is no online test, it is all done in-person at various locations throughout Las Vegas. Find more info here.
  • Will you fill out my Health Department forms for me?
    Filling out the application is considered part of the health department permiting process so we cannot fill out the application for you. We can share specific information regarding our facility that migth be asked in your application packet! This is the fun part - you get to take ownership of your business and do what is necessary to be successful. It's all part of being a member to this exclusive entreprenurial club that we're all a part of!
  • What if I fail my Plan Review?
    If you come prepared and read through the forms they send you, you won't! Should you come on the unprepared side, you will be required to reschedule another Plan Review (and pay the corresponding $250 again) and potentially also attend a Food Safety Meeting with your HD inspector. (It pays to be prepared!)
  • Can a Food Truck use you as a commissary? Can you help me get a truck I bought permitted?
    Now that's a tricky question! We are not set up for food trucks, but have had some mobile vendors make it work. We do not offer parking, wash stations, graywater dumps, or outside hookups, which are usually pretty crucial for foood trucks! If you have a separate setup for each of those items, then we could potentially make something work, but be prepared for some creative thinking!
  • How do I schedule kitchen time?
    Vida Kitchens uses as our scheduling platform. We create you an account the day of your site inspection, which gives you access to the calendars, billing info, and contacts for other businesses in the kitchen. You must have a payment method on file in order to book time in the kitchen.
  • What is your pricing like?
    Our rates vary based on the amount of hours that you use and what plan you sign up for. If you sign up for the Premiere Membership Bundled Plan with 40+ hours a month, each hour is $13. It is taken in the form of an up front payment of $540 at the beginning of each month. This price includes: -40 hours of kitchen time -One dry storage rack on wheels -One shelf in the cooler -If you use more than 40 hours during the month, those overage hours are all added up and attached to your next month’s invoice at $13/hr. If you sign up for the Basic Membership A La Carte Plan then you will pay $150/mo and kitchen time is $16/hr. There is no storage package included with this plan allowing you the flexibility to select exactly what you need for your business.
  • How do I know I will have a workstation to work on?
    Our awesome scheduling system eliminates any chance of showing up to the kitchen and not having space to cook. Each workstation has its own calendar, and you must be on the schedule if you are in the kitchen or using any kitchen equipment. It's at least a $50/hr fine for anyone who uses the kitchen without being on the schedule (but we know you're totally awesome and you'd never do that).
  • What is your cancelation policy like?
    Our cancelation policy is listed at the top of each workstation's calendar on The Food Corridor. It states: "All bookings cancelled 24 hours prior to booking have all fees returned. Any bookings cancelled after that time are charged 25% of the booking fee. Please note that any applicable cancellation fees will be charged within 24 hours."
  • Do I have to clean up after myself?
    Yes, you are responsible to ensure that your workstation and any appliances or areas that you use are clean when you leave. This includes wiping down your workstation, sweeping, mopping, wiping down appliances, and removing trash. We have a company that does weekly deep cleaning of the equipment, but we expect you to do your part to pitch in! Fines will be assessed for leaving the kitchen dirty.
  • What cleaning items do you provide?
    What we provide: - Trash cans - Liners - Quat sanitizer (for in-kitchen use only, not for events) - Detergent - Mops - Mop buckets - Floor cleaner - Degreaser - Paper towels/hand soap What we do not provide: - Towels - Red Sani Buckets - Quat sanitizer test strips - Thermometers - Produce washing chemicals
  • What equipment do you have?
    Buckle up. We have: (2) double stack convection ovens (2) 6-burner stoves with standard ovens below (2) 21-inch char-grills (1) deep fryer (1) 20 qt mixer (1) 8 qt mixer (1) 10-inch meat slicer (2) hot holding boxes (1) double stack smoker (3) 3 compartment sinks (chemicals included) (1) produce/food sink
  • Do you provide pots/pans/etc?
    Nope! We only supply the large appliances, chemicals, and workstations. Everything else is up to you to purchase and bring in. Make sure all equipment is NSF approved and commercial grade.
  • I have a machine that needs a custom electrical hookup! Can I use it at the kitchen?
    Every case is different, but we realize that many small food businesses need specialty equipment, so we do our best to work with you! The pricing on this service depends on the type of hookup you need, along with the storage space for the equipment. Usually a hookup initially costs $200-$300 and storage is ~$100/mo. We are open and flexible to different ideas you have!
  • What entities is Vida Kitchen licensed under?
    Vida Kitchens is licensed through the SNHD and The City of North Las Vegas, and is insured to operate as a commercial kitchen. The owners, Richard and Aaron Zobrist, are both certified food safety managers.
  • What kind of security do you have?
    We have 16 cameras in our facility (including the walk-ins), automatic locking doors, limited-access key fobs, a flood light by the main entrance, and night time security checks done by the shopping center security guards.
  • What's the best way to get in touch with management?
    Email us at or send a text to (702) 518-0250. If we take more than a day or so to respond, please send us a reminder text or funny GIF. Due to the high volume of calls and emails we get about the kitchen, sometimes we make mistakes, but we do our absolute best!
  • I am looking for a private kitchen, not shared use. Can you make sure people aren't here while I am?"
    Vida Kitchens does have a private use section you can rent that is exclusive to your company but that is not available with our regular pricing plans. If you are interested in our general membership plans, nope. Vida Kitchens is a shared-use commercial kitchen. We are not set up for private use - you have to be a team player for this space to work for you! You could potentially rent out all workstations at once and pay rental fees for all workstations but that seems pretty cost prohibitive to us. :)
  • Can I make Kosher certified items in the kitchen?
    We've had several companies looking to do kosher food in the kitchen, but our shared-use space has never been approved/blessed because of the potential contamination with non-kosher items.
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